What is Prosthodontics and Crown and Bridge?

  • Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge treatment at Smilemax in gurugram is a dental professionality which copes with the diagnosis and procedure, rehabilitation, plans, and management of oral health for saving the human-beings, comfort and look of patients.
  • For patients who are suffering from issues related to deficient and missing teeth, Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge professionalize in aesthetic, reconstructive and implant operation and procedures.
  • A Prosthodontist is a professional dentist who copes with the exchange of missing teeth and regards mouth and jaw structures by bridges, dentures as well as prostheses. 
  • They get an extra three years of training after dental schooling to train in this field.
  • Oral function restoration is gained utilizing prostheses and complete dentures/ implant retained/supported  and crown restorations. 
  • Students who want to start their career in this area must first complete a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in short, BDS in Prosthodontics as well as Crown and Bridge, organized by a Master of Dental Surgery or in short MDS in the field. 
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Crown and Bridges

  • A crown is exactly the same as a thimble placed completely across an existing tooth.
  • It can be applied
    to save decayed and broken teeth to repair the strength and appearance.
  • Crowns are normally built from porcelain, metals and a combination with porcelain
    fused to metal.
  • A dental crown can be cemented across the one’s own tooth and screwed into managing dental implant serving a tooth-look formation for function and
  • Dental bridges are developed to exchange one and more than one missing teeth with numerous dental crowns. 
  • The bridge is joined to the remaining teeth on each side of the gap left by the missing teeth. 
    • Exactly to crowns, bridges are built from porcelain, metal and mid of both and can be cemented across your own teeth and screwed into managing dental implants surrounding the missing teeth serving a tooth-look formation for function and aesthetics.

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