What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Smilemax in Gurugram is the application of a mixture of restorative dental procedures which are used to fit and completely recreate a smile. 

  • It is also called full mouth restoration, this procedure of dental treatment often includes the remaking of entire teeths on both the upper as well as lower jaw. With the application of these dental procedures, patients will get a picture like a beautiful smile that is also healthy.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation will not only help in enjoying a smile continuously, but it will even strengthen the oral tissues/ tooth formation and the one’s complete oral health.
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Who requires Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

  • Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Smilemax in Gurugram may be a requirement for those who have suffered from extensive damage on their permanent adultery teeth. 
  • Extensive damage can form from:- decay or chipped teeth, missing teeth gap between them, discoloration, cracked areas and disease going on for a higher time without proper procedure. 
  • In many cases, a tooth filling and dental crown can repair the health of a single damaged tooth. 
  • However, if a person is suffering from various problems with the highest majority of their teeth which have been overlooked or over appeared, restorative dentistry is mainly the preference route. 
  • An individual may recently apply false teeth which may restore issues with some missing teeth – but full mouth rehabilitation might be a necessary process option to accurate more and many extensive issues which can possibly damage your whole mouth.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Steps

  • Now that we have given a look at what full mouth rehabilitation is and who may require it. 
  • Let’s give yourself time to look at the exact procedure applied during this process. 
  • For the one’s specific procedure, a few of the following treatments may be needed to reach the ending goals.

Positioning of Temporary Restorations

  • Your dentist may provide or recommend you temporary restorations for giving you an opportunity to get applied to the feel of your new smile. 
  • Think of it as examining driving before entirely committing to a car. 
  • During this period, it’s imperative that an individual confirm all the things fit comfortably and a person loves the way their new smile looks. 
  • It’s essential to be sure you will be happy watching and living  with this smile each single day.
  • An individual smile is often the last step before real coping is made. 

Installing Permanent Restorations

By the application of innovative technology, a new smile is built possible. Both temporary as well as permanent restorations will mainly be developed with a dental 3D printer. After your examination drive and your feedback, your dentist will attach your permanent restorations. This is typically one of the final stages of the procedure which is taken at your full mouth rehabilitation treatment.

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