Extractions, Scaling and Polishing

X-Ray or OPG Treatment at smilemax in Gurugram provides several dental conditions which have occured due to plaque and bacteria development in the mouth which is not finely cleaned. Frequent dental visits allow Smile Max dental service center for finding professional dentists and hygienists for addressing this development before it becomes problematic. If left uncured, gum disease and tooth decay can cause higher pain/ discomfort and also tooth loss. The good news? Dental disease can be avoided through adequate dental care at home and daily visits to *SmileMax Dental care*! 

However, performing brushing/ flossing/ rinsing diligently may not avoid plaque development in some rare to find areas. When plaque and bacteria build in these areas, they can mineralize and cause a tough/calcified deposit referred to tartar. Tartar cannot be taken out by brushing at home, but our dental service center Smile Max scaling and polishing treatments can cure tartar before it makes a serious problem!

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What Does Scaling and Polishing Mean?

At the time of the scaling stage of this dental procedure, your Smile Max dentist and hygienist will take out the hardened deposits of plaque and tartar applying a small instrument professionally known as scaler. The scaler is a device which is used gently to dislodge any hardened tartar and plague from the gum line.

The polishing stage dislodges any plaque which remains on the tooth surface after the treatment of scaling. Polishing may also reduce stains from the teeth which can be formed from food and beverages. It’s true that polishing can make the teeth look bright as well as shiny, but it’s not only a cosmetic procedure. Polishing can also make the teeth smooth. It softens the enamel, which can become harder from the buildup of plaque in the tooth but polishing can make this smooth and shiny. 

Risks of Tartar Buildup

  1. If a person’s teeth are left uncured from plaque and tartar development,then one’s oral health may be negatively impacted. 
  2. Bacteria are responsible for a variety of health problems. 
  3. Our oral health is directly related to our overall health. If plaque development forms, then a person may be at risk for:- Gum disease/ Tooth decay/ Infection. 
  4. The effective way to avoid oral-related health complications in the future in life is by involving an active role of healthy dental habits.

Advantages of Scaling and Polishing

Yes Definitely, both scaling and polishing overcome the plaque development, but it also has many more helpful or surprising benefits. Here are some of our favorite advantages of this important oral health service: 

  • Removes plaque development. 
  • Avoids cavities. 
  • Avoids gum disease. 
  • Softens the enamel. 
  • Gives an ideal surface for fluoride procedure. 
  • Avoids plaque from sticking to the teeth. 
  • Make the teeth more shiny. 
  • Brightens the smile. 

Treatment for Scaling and Polishing

What to Expect During a Scaling and Polishing Treatment?

After the initial visit of your and your child’s, one of Smile Max dentists will analyze the teeth for any symptoms of decay and gum disease. If any signs of plaque development are found, your dentist will scaling and polishing your teeth thoroughly. They will then use fluoride to give an extra covering or layering for protection. If there was a major development of plaque, one of our dentists or service providers may speak with you and your child about the essence of oral healthcare and serve important tips to help in making your smile healthy. 

How Often Do Teeth Need to be Scaled and Polished?

Successfully only once! Your Smile Max dentist and oral hygienist will start doing a scaling and polishing service as required during your daily dental cleanings. If there are signs of tartar development, they may inform you during the checkup and start the cleaning process. Scaling and polishing are organized on an as-required basis. Our team is always happy to inform your complete family on ways to avoid plaque and tartar development so that you are no longer required for scaling and polishing services. By using proper oral care, you may only require this service sometimes in your life, though we are sure our one time procedure is more than enough!

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